How to Stop Junk Mail (and Save Trees)

In order to lessen the impact on our environment, every person should be very careful in their use of paper of all kinds, and get 100% value out of every piece used, as well as reduce their use of wasteful paper products.

In an effort to conserve paper, the greatest results will be obtained by reducing the amount of new magazines, newspapers, and junk mail that pass through our homes. So how do we reduce junk mail when we never asked for it in the first place?

Tell them you don't want it! Here's a list of places to sign up and stop junk mail from coming to your home. You'll not only stop wasted paper, but you'll end at least some of the annoying stream of advertisements that show up in your mailbox.

1.) National Do Not Mail List
Stop a majority of junk mail at it's source. Direct mail companies buy lists of names and addresses to send their advertisements to. Make sure your name is not on the list.

2.) Opt Out Prescreen
Do you get envelope after envelope of “prescreened” credit card offers? Just because you have good credit doesn't mean you have to let them waste valuable paper and resources on you. Tell them you don't want these offers anymore.

3.) Catalog Choice
Now that you've put an end to miscellaneous advertisements and credit card offers, it's time to opt out of unsolicited catalogs, a huge source of wasted paper. If there is a catalog you want, sign up directly with the company.

4.) DMA Choice
This service costs $1, but people report that it ends junk mail and unwanted offers quite effectively.

Phone Books
When is the last time you used a phone book? Most people now use the internet, so why are you still receiving them? Phone books vary by area, so call up the companies that have phone books in your area and ask them NOT to send you one.

Save More Trees
It's unlikely that you will be able to stop every piece of wasteful paper from entering your household. But, there are more things you can do use it wisely.

  • Save all of the envelopes of the incoming mail, slitting them on all edges, and using the three unused sides for notes, shopping lists, etc.
  • Always print on both sides of computer paper. Keep a stack of printer paper that still has a “good” side.
  • Always use both sides of notebook paper.

There is no one who handles paper in any form who cannot contribute something to the conservation of resources. It may seem like such a little thing to save one side of a sheet of paper, but when you multiply that by many millions a day, the total weight of paper saved is great.

Vanessa Pruitt, PLMHP, MS

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