Make Your Own Cosmetics

When you think about going more natural in your life, normally you think of cleaning supplies, foods, and herbal remedies. What about your skin care products? What about makeup? You can use more natural skin care and beauty aids than you might think. They are much more healthy for your skin.

Commercial Cosmetics

Read the ingredients in your cosmetics. Can you pronounce any of them? If you knew what they were, you might be horrified that you’re in the same room as them.

Most cosmetics aren’t tested by the Federal Food and Drug Administration. As long as the companies don’t make promises that the product will give you smoother and younger skin, they’re pretty much left alone. That means items such as lead, mercury, or even placenta can be found in your makeup. Do you really want that on your face?

In fact, you shouldn’t keep cosmetics for more than a year. After that, there is research showing the damage they can do to your skin including cancer. Makes you think a little bit differently about your beauty products.

What choice do you have? Go without makeup? Yes, that is a choice and many women are doing it. But if this doesn’t appeal to you, there are other alternatives for you to consider.

Natural Alternatives

Noticing the need for healthier makeup choices, companies began to redirect their focus to more natural products. Just type in “natural commercial cosmetics” to find many choices such as Afterglow Cosmetics and companies that focus on organic ingredients.

If you really want to do it yourself, you can make your own cosmetics. That’s pretty natural. You can decide what ingredients are used and how it’s prepared. This way you can help improve the health of your skin and your overall body.

Check out the recipes online for makeup, skin care products, and even hair care. Or you can buy books on topics such as The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Making Natural Beauty Products, Natural Body Basics: Making Your Own Cosmetics, or Organic Body Care Recipes

Anytime you make your own products, you are creating a healthier you. No strange chemicals need be added. You’ll know what’s in the products and that your body will actually benefit from it instead of suffering. Experiment. Make your own products. Shoot, maybe you’ll even start your own business as you gain knowledge. Make your life healthier. Make your own cosmetics.

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