Just Bought Your First Home? Here’s How to Style a Small Space

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Congratulations on owning your first home! Now it's time to get started on the daunting task of styling it. After all, your home is now your sanctuary, and as a first-time homebuyer, you have a lot to think about. 

Whether you're starting with small living space or you've lived in such a space before, there are a few things you can do to style it and make it feel like home. Here are some tips for styling your small space.

Make the most of the kitchen and bathroom 

The kitchen and the bathroom are two areas you might want to focus on first. There might also be small rooms in the home, but as they are well-used, you may want to improve them. This is an easy way to style the spaces as things like kitchen units or bathroom suites can add the wow factor to a small space. It is important to do plenty of research before undertaking any Kitchen and Bath Remodeling so that you spend your money wisely and make informed decisions. You can then easily style up those small rooms with accessories and a colour scheme.

Put a Lot of Thought into Lighting

Lighting is one of the most important features of the home. It can make the room feel intimidating and uncomfortable, or it can help it feel so cozy you'll have no choice but to stay in.

If you're styling a small space such as a bedroom, consider placing a lot of light fixtures throughout the room to provide ample light. Opt for lamps that sit on lamps stands. They come in all shapes and sizes but are sturdy and can be used for years.

If your room does not require much light and you want to use more efficient lighting, consider replacing incandescent bulbs with LED bulbs.

Add Some Stylish Storage

Storage is a must for a well-styled home, not just in small spaces but for any room. You don't have to sacrifice style or design with oversized furniture because sometimes less is more.

Instead of opting for large pieces that take up a lot of room in your small space, choose smaller furniture pieces with matching colors and patterns that require the fewest amount of storage space possible. You can go for a small apartment size leather sofa to accentuate your space.

In addition to ensuring that all of your items are kept in neat (organized containers and drawers), ensure you have ample storage throughout the home. Look at your existing furniture and see if there are any doors or drawer pulls that can be removed and replaced with small drawers or compartments.

Don't Be Afraid to Use Accent Pieces

Another option is to rely on accent pieces. These are the smaller and less important items in your room, but they can still make a huge difference if placed in the right places. For instance, try using them as table lamps or hanging decor; they don't have to go on display all the time. 

This way, they can complement certain areas without stealing focus from others; genius.

Use Mirrors Strategically

You've probably seen this tip before, but it is worth repeating. Mirrors can be used to accentuate certain areas of your home. For example, if you have a small dining table, a rotating mirror could show off your dishes or artwork (or both).

But mirrors are not just for your kitchen and dining area. They also work wonders in smaller rooms like the bedroom or bathroom. This may sound a little odd at first but think of it this way: the mirror will reflect light from outside, so you can use it to brighten up other parts of your space at night.


With so many ways to keep style your home, the best way is to keep things classic and simple. 

Think about the style you want to emulate, and then buy furniture that fits it. For example, if you're going for a modern look, avoid a lot of bulky pieces and opt for light, minimalist furniture that can fit in with everything else.