Planning Your Own Medicinal Herb Garden

It might be fall, but this is a great time to be planning next year’s garden. There are bulbs to be planted. Landscaping to be done. Preparing for the winter and the spring can start now. Have you thought about your own medicinal garden?

Look around your yard and see what areas keep drawing your eye to it. Would an herb garden look good there? Some herbs need full sunlight. Others need partial shade. Some thrive in sandy soil while others like clay.

Pick out your possible garden spots and begin researching which herbs you’d like to grow. Many herbs are both culinary and medicinal such as ginger, garlic, and rosemary. If you have a place near your kitchen door, you could start a culinary garden that can also work as your medicinal garden. As the summer goes on, add a few more or create a garden just for medicinal purposes.

Have fun designing it with the different colors and shapes. Mix your herbs with your vegetables and/or ornamental flowers. There is so much that you can do with herbs.

Having a medicinal garden is something that you’ll appreciate as the years go by. Herbs such as chamomile, Aloe Vera, stinging nettle, and others can be grown specifically for preventive and healing medicine. Many people love to have nature’s medicine within their own reach.

These medicinal herbs can be harvested to be used fresh, dried, powdered, or turned into tinctures, oils, or flavorings. Depending on what your initial use for them is, of course. Don’t forget to prepare for the winter when you won’t have fresh herbs to work with unless you’re able to bring them inside and continue growing them. Dry them to use them when the snow is on the ground. Turn them into essential oils to be used all year long.

Spring is when many grow vegetables and flowers. Don’t forget to include a medicinal garden with it. Think of it as having your own pharmacy in your back yard. You can do so much with it to help keep you and your family healthy just by planting a few choice herbs that can help ward off colds, allergies, and other ailments.

Your family’s health can be enhanced with the right medicinal garden. Start planning now. Spend the winter pouring over which herbs to use and how you want to plant them. The winter can be a fun and exciting time planning your herb garden.

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