Plant a Tree – Create a Healthier Environment

Your health is affected by so much. Have you thought of how much your own backyard affects it? Just a few extra trees in your yard can help you get healthy in a natural way.

What do Trees Give to You?

The oxygen you breathe comes from the greenery around you. Trees, flowers, and other plants produce the oxygen we take in and that gives us life. The more green plants you have around you, the better quality of oxygen you are taking in. What a wonderful way to increase your natural health!

You increase the quality of oxygen, the oxygen itself, shade, and beautiful landscaping. Trees are a great way to help increase your health.

Make It a Family Affair

Get your family together and plant more trees in your yard. Add a variety of trees including slow-growing and fast-growing. Add some bushes. Plant some flowers. Let each child pick one that is “theirs” that they can tend to and help grow.

You’ll feel good looking out into your yard and seeing the very items that will help you and your family healthier. It’ll be a great place to spend family time and make memories.


Live in the city and don’t have a lot of space to plant trees? You don’t need acres to have health-promoting greenery. There are many small “trees”, bushes, and plants that grow great on apartment balconies and in condos. Ask your local nursery what will work best where you live.

Inside Trees

There are several varieties of trees can grow inside and help improve the quality of the air inside your home. They include small citrus trees, rose trees, and even evergreens. These can help the air in your home during the winter months when the windows and doors are closed against the cold outdoors and the musky smell spreads.


You can even try Bonsai trees. They’re not huge but every little leaf helps purify the air around you. In the process, you learn patience and a new hobby that is renown for its calming effect.

Planting more trees helps your health inside and outside. You can have fun doing it as well as your family. Don’t assume you can’t have the trees near you because of where you live. There is always a way to plant another tree at home.

Stay healthy. Plant a tree and enjoy the great outdoors.

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