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Do you ever wish you could know what your husband was thinking? I do, because they seem to live on a different planet. Somehow, men see the world differently than we do, and sometimes that leads to miscommunication, and gets in the way of our relationships. This can be especially true during pregnancy and parenting, when both of your lives are turned upside down.

Hogan Hilling wrote the book Rattled to try and help women understand what their husband's are going through during pregnancy, and why they seem to be concerned with very different specifics. Hogan draws from his own experience as a father as well as his many years of teaching and working with expecting dads, and he says, “..if you really want to know how a new dad feels, then this book is for you.”

Rattled was especially eye-opening. There are some hard-to-face truths presented in this book about how we tend to treat men, and as a woman, it is not easy to read! We have a tendency to be selfish and stomp on our husband's emotions. So, if you are not ready to be honest with yourself and face the reality of your own faults, you may not enjoy reading this.

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On the other hand, if you are willing to take a good hard look in the mirror, and truly want to understand your husband better, this is a good start. It could save you a lot of trouble in the long run. I'm not even pregnant, but this book helped me to better understand my husband in general, and understand some of the things he was going through when I was pregnant.

I found out why dads don't always act as excited about the pregnancy as moms, and that dads really want to be involved. Your husband wants to be your primary support person, and this book will show you how. I also learned that most men and women have the same goals, but wires just get crossed along the way.

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Hogan is also the author of Pacifi(her), the companion book to Rattled; But I think that Hogan does a much more efficient job of presenting the man's perspective, as he did in this book. In Rattled, he is much less likely to make broad, stereotypical claims (something he unfortunately does in Pacifi(her).)

Not everything in this book will be true of your husband, but it's full of good information in general, and it's also a quick read. I highly recommend it to pregnant moms who want to understand their husband's better.

Rattled: What He's Thinking When You're Pregnant

Vanessa Pruitt, PLMHP, MS

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