Signs of Too Much Stress

Don’t let other people fool you. You cannot eliminate stress if your life. It is a part of us day in and day out. Even good things can bring stress to your body. But you can handle stress better especially as you notice when your body is experiencing too much stress.

What is Too Much Stress?

There is no set plum line to determine what too much stress. The best way to define it is to say too much stress is when your body reacts negatively over a period of time. This varies from person to person. One person can handle more than another person. Don’t compare yourself to others. Watch your body for signs of too much stress in your life.

Troubled Sleep

A big sign that you might have too much stress in your life is sleep problems. It might be complete insomnia or just trouble getting to sleep. Waking up throughout the night is another problem. If you cannot fall asleep relatively easily and stay asleep for the number of hours your particular body needs, you are reacting to the stress in your life.

Stomach Problems

Different people react differently. Some have increased acid reflux. Others experience stomach pain. Some throw up or develop ulcers. When you stress out, your digestive juices react quickly. Prolonged affects from stress causes quite a few problems that might need to be addressed medically if not caught early.

Digestive Issues

Though stomach problems are digestive issues, this is mainly talking about your bowels. Stress can cause either diarrhea or constipation. You might find an increase in discomfort or pain as you have a bowel movement. These are very common responses to an increase in stress levels.

Panic Attacks

The more stressed you become, you might discover an increase in the number of panic attacks you have. These are seen as increase in breathing, heart rate, and the feel of panic. They can come on suddenly or slowly. Stress sends the nervous system into overdrive and can even cause you mentally to see small things as big things leading to panic attacks.

Lack of Focus

When you are stressed, you’ll find that it is hard to focus on the tasks at hand. Need to study for an exam? You’ll find it hard to focus on studying if your stress levels are high. It can be hard to focus on simple stuff as washing dishes or doing laundry. You might forget to put in the detergent or drop things easily.

Memory Problems

Memory problems are similar to the focus problem. You might find stress causing you to forget your neighbor’s name, what time an appointment is, or your plans for the day. Simple things are hard to remember.


If you are listening to your body and know it well, you’ll be able to tell when stress is getting out of control. Your period might start early. Headaches might come on suddenly. You might find yourself eating more of certain foods than normal as your body seeks release from the stress. Restlessness might be a trigger symptom to you. It varies from person to person. Learn what your trigger symptoms are and don’t wait until it is too late.


What can you? Start by taking a deep breath. Slow down. Relax. Meditate. Find a release. Each person reacts to stress differently. Each solution for the stress varies the same. If you find stress taking over, force yourself to get away. Take a drive. Take a walk. Lose yourself in a funny movie. For you, exercise might be the solution. Experiment until you find what works for you.

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