Simple Rules for Growing Your Pinterest Account and Traffic in 2020

Simple Rules for Growing Your Pinterest Account and Traffic in 2020
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Pinterest recently confirmed that it has changed its algorithm in order to favor fresh pins and content. Simply put, accounts that consistently post new pin/link combos that have never before been featured will perform better on Pinterest than accounts that just repost older content over and over. In fact, accounts are already beginning to see big differences in performance based on this factor. ⁠

This new algorithm is part of an initiative by Pinterest to crack down on accounts that only schedule and regurgitate old content while favoring accounts that are consistently adding valuable content to Pinterest and contributing to the native community. ⁠

Here are some simple rules in order to grow your Pinterest: ⁠

🏵️ Don't schedule all of your content through third-party apps. It’s okay to use these apps and scheduling services for circulating your content to an extent. But, they have several downsides. The biggest downside: They do not show engagement within Pinterest, such as reshares.⁠

🏵️ Spend time USING Pinterest. That means actually getting on the platform daily or every other day and repinning relevant and fresh content. ⁠

🏵️ While you’re using Pinterest regularly, follow RELEVANT accounts consistently. Don’t spam. A good rule is 5-10 accounts a day.

Create Fresh Content

Fresh content is any new image that has not been shared on Pinterest before. This includes images for new blog posts, new pages, new product listings, and new images for existing product posts, products, and pages.

Create new, fresh pins for your old content. But most importantly, create new content and new pins for that new content! Followers have seen your old recipes and posts. Provide something new and valuable.

Ultimately, the goal of your new content should be to inspire Pinners to engage with, save, and click on your Pins. Save time by batch scheduling those pins with Tailwind.

Fresh content works on Pinterest! Users respond to new Pins and the algorithm loves them, so get ahead of the rest by adapting to these changes now. Tailwind is here to help with SmartGuide.

Do you use Pinterest in your marketing strategy? What tips have you learned along the way? ⁠

Simple Rules for Growing Your Pinterest Account and Traffic in 2020

Vanessa Pruitt, PLMHP, MS