Summertime Pregnancy

So you're going to be pregnant in the summertime? You're probably already gaining sympathy from strangers when you announce your due date. It's true, being pregnant during the summer months can be difficult. The extra body inside of you, the extra weight, and the increased blood flow in your body can make you feel warmer than usual; Combine that with the heat of summer and there will be days when you are praising the invention of air conditioning. But being pregnant during the summer isn't all bad.

I have had 3 summer babies, and while it wasn't the easiest, I wouldn't have had it any other way. I enjoyed wearing light clothing and walking around bare foot or in flip flops; You'll appreciate the simplicities of life in the summer when your feet are swollen and you can't reach far enough to tie your own shoes. I also enjoyed the sun's energy on days when the baby seemed to be zapping all of mine.

Summer Maternity Wear

When you are shopping for summer maternity clothing, search for light fabrics such as cotton shirts and lightweight pants. Remember that 100% cotton clothing often shrinks, so make sure to buy a size bigger than your true size. A cardigan sweater is a nice addition to your wardrobe and comes in handy on cooler days for easy layering. Take advantage of the spring and summer selection of slip-ons and other shoes that will be easy and comfortable for you to wear.

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Be Sun Smart

Make sure that you carry water with you wherever you go and take frequent breaks from the heat of the sun; Pregnant women are at a greater risk of heat exhaustion or dehydration. If you're planning an outing, try to plan it during morning or evening; The sun is at it's hottest in mid-afternoon, so it's best to stay indoors or in the shade during this part of the day.


Keeps lots of snacks handy as well. The sun and heat can take a lot out of you, and even more so when you're supporting a baby inside of you; You'll need to eat often to keep up your energy and sustain your blood sugar. Keep a selection of non-perishable goodies in your car, and pack a cooler or lunch bag if you'll be gone for most of the day. Crackers, pretzels, nuts, dried or fresh fruit, veggies, and cheese all make great on-the-go snacks that will give you energy.

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So enjoy your summer pregnancy! The next time someone gives you the “oh, you poor thing” look, you can let them know that being pregnant during the summer has it's advantages, too!

Vanessa Pruitt, PLMHP, MS

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