When Your Baby Is Clingy

We really have to be careful with what terms we use, when we refer to our children. Even if not spoken aloud, the labels that we put on our children in our own minds can influence the way we interact with them and consequently how they grow up thinking of themselves. Recently, a woman told…

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Prevent Biting While Breastfeeding

What Does Attachment Parenting Look Like?

There’s a lot of talk in the news media about Attachment Parenting lately, especially with celebrity-turned-PhD Mayim Bialik’s new book, Beyond the Sling, in which she describes her brand of parenting, which does include Attachment Parenting (AP). And there are a lot of questions being asked. As a local Resource Leader for Attachment Parenting International,…

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What Your Pediatrician Doesn’t Know Can Hurt Your Child

The name of this book is a breath of fresh air among stacks of parenting books that say “check with your healthcare provider.” Susan Markel, pediatrician, certified lactation consultant, and attachment parenting specialist, confirms in her book ‘What Your Pediatrician Doesn’t Know Can Hurt Your Child‘ what millions of parents around the globe have learned…

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