Telltale Signs You’re In The Presence Of A Genius Job Candidate

Telltale Signs You're In The Presence Of A Genius Job Candidate

For all us non-geniuses, it can sometimes be challenging to figure out whether we’re in the presence of genius or not. The problem isn’t the other person – it’s our own limited perspectives on the world. We may pass off great wisdom for parochial simplicity – and vice versa. 

Missing out on genius, though, can seriously damage your organization. You need the best people to ensure that you remain competitive. It’s an essential part of your talent management strategy. 

Fortunately, this post is here to help. In it, we run through some of the telltale signs you’re dealing with a genius. Check them out below. 

The Candidate Values Solitude

People who enjoy solitude get a bad rap. Society sees them as outcasts, unable to fit in with everyone else. 

However, that’s not true of geniuses. Their solitude is a choice. It’s something that they prefer. 

But why is this? In general, highly intelligent people have very few friends. They prefer time spent in their own head and don’t spend vast chunks of their lives socializing. Instead, they pursue their goals doggedly, whatever they happen to be. 

The Candidate Has A Strong Sense Of Self

Highly intelligent people tend to have a strong sense of self, and a degree of self-awareness too. 

During the interview, the candidate may be exceptionally clear on things like their key life goals, defining characteristics and values. They also generally feel secure in who they are and where their skills lie. If they can’t perform a particular task, they won’t be afraid to tell you. 

The Candidate Leaves You Wanting To Learn More

Being in the presence of genius is enrapturing. You feel like you’re probing the mind of God. You may find yourself naturally warming to the genius during the interview, naturally wanting to know more about their ideas and insights, even if they don’t directly relate to the job for which they’re applying. 

The Candidate Observes And Remembers

Highly intelligent people observe the people around them and remember virtually everything they experience. A candidate, for instance, may remember conversations word-for-word you had on the phone before the interview. They may also be exceptionally good at recalling sequences of letters and numbers that they only saw briefly. 

The Candidate Is Able To Deal With Life’s Challenges

Life can throw some curveballs at people sometimes. It’s never easy. Everyone has a crucible. 

However, geniuses have ways of plodding through these challenges and actually coming out stronger on the other side. They learn from their mistakes and aren’t afraid to make big changes in their lives if they sense that they’ve been on the wrong path. 

The Candidate Is Good At Avoiding Conflict

Geniuses understand conflict and that it is generally counterproductive. For that reason, they tend to avoid it, since it doesn’t lead to their goals. During the interview, the candidate may successfully read your body language and listen empathetically to what you say. They may also gently introduce other perspectives when they feel that it is appropriate. They prefer to lead by example instead of telling people what to do.