The Use of Meditation in Lowering Blood Pressure

There is a reason blood pressure is called the silent killer. It creeps up on you and can cause a heart attack or stroke with little or no warning. This means that a person needs to be alert at all times and conscious of keeping it low throughout the day. A great way to help lower your blood pressure is through simple meditation.



Before you just assume that you know what meditation is, let me explain a few things. Meditation is not necessarily used for any religious purpose that it can be and is still successful. I’m talking about the overall meditation process which is to empty your mind and just relax. That’s the bare bones of it. The key is emptying your mind.

Why are you tense? Why is your blood pressure high? Because your mind is racing even when you don’t know it and refuses to let your body calm down. The pressure on the heart increases. The more the pressure increases the more tense you become. It ends up a vicious circle that could be deadly. That is why you have to empty your mind.

In order to do this, get where there is no noise. If you have children, take the time when they are napping or in bed for the night. Some people use soothing nature sounds or soft music to help eliminate distracting noise. Do what you have to do.

Most people set in a cross-legged position. Find a position that works before for you. Focus on nothing. If you’re like most people, that can be rather difficult. It goes against everything we are taught in life. To do this, focus on a sound or a word. Repeat it over and over to yourself. You’ve seen those that are sitting with their legs crossed, their hands resting on their knees, saying, “Ommmmm.” That is the sound they are focusing on. This pushes everything else away and just that word or sound becomes your focus. The mind begins to empty.

By doing this, you are giving your body a chance to relax and take the pressure off. Studies have been conducted the world over and have shown that just a regular routine of meditation can lower your blood pressure by ten points both top and bottom numbers.



You need to get into a routine of doing this. Starting this morning and only this morning won’t make much of a difference. You need more than that. You need to make it a part of your life. High blood pressure is persistent. Then you need to be do.

Find the perfect time you can do this daily. It can be done at home or away from home. It can be done in the park. Shoot, it can even be done in the bathroom. Find your place wherever you are and relax.



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