10 Best Fitness Tracking Websites to Help You Stay in Shape

10 best fitness tracking websites to help you stay in shape

Do you have the goal of getting back in shape? Perhaps you just want to be able to keep track of your fitness goals and possibly your nutrition and other life goals. I've rounded up the 10 best fitness tracking websites to help you stay in shape.

If you're like me, you like to have social interaction online with people who are also tracking their fitness. It can help to have a group of people online who cheer you on and can discuss fitness topics.

Unfortunately, my Facebook friends get pretty sick of me posting fitness updates all the time. But on a fitness tracking website, it's expected, so you don't have to worry about annoying others.

On fitness social websites you can also set goals together or even organize virtual fitness competitions, ask questions pertaining to fitness, and much more!

We've done some research and found the 10 best fitness tracking websites that can help you get in shape and connect with other like-minded folks.

10 Best Fitness Tracking Websites

1. DailyMile

This website is one of my personal favorites because it allows you to easily connect with others in your general location who are also tracking their daily miles. “Daily miles” refers to walking, running, cycling, swimming, etc., but the website can also be used to track weekly workouts.

Other features of DailyMile:

  • Use maps to track routes and better calculate miles
  • Find events
  • Join challenges

The one thing lacking with Daily mile is nutrition and weight loss tracking, but I do appreciate the simplicity of the website overall.

2. MyFitnessPal

Geared mainly toward tracking weight loss goals, myfitnesspal helps you track calories and fitness activities. It includes a full food database with nutritional info and allows you to calculate how many calories certain activities burn.

Myfitnesspal also offers some great apps that integrate with the website. They are available in the app store, on google play, windows phone, and blackberry.

3. SparkPeople

Similar to myfitnesspal, Sparkpeople aims to provide additional points rewards for logging in each day and tracking nutrition, fitness, and weight loss goals. You can use spark points to send “goodies” to your friends on SparkPeople or put goodies on your own profile page.

Other SparkPeople features:

  • Active message boards
  • Blogs
  • Success Stories
  • Free articles and videos of fitness and nutrition-related topics

One complaint I have about the SparkPeople website is that it's a bit cluttered with ads and can be hard to navigate for some people. However, it has a lot to offer.

Sparkpeople offers apps for iPad, iPhone, blackberry, and android. Unfortunately, they are not free.

4. Fat Secret

Another website that I have used personally, I really like fat secret. It's probably the most similar to SparkPeople, but in my opinion, this website is much more organized; it's definitely less cluttered with ads.

Fat Secret offers a simple weight loss and fitness social network, with tools for healthy life change, a useful food database.

At fatsecret you can track:

  • Calories and nutrition
  • Weight loss
  • Fitness

One of my favorite features of fatsecret is the weight loss graphs. You can see how you've been doing in a very visual representation, which really helps you to see change over longer periods of time.

5. Fitocracy

This fitness social network seeks to connect you with people of similar interests and provide fun ways to motivate you to get back on track with fitness.

Complete challenges and quests, gain “levels”, and earn badges of accomplishment. Invite your friends to join in the fun.

Fitocracy also connects you with fitness and nutrition experts across the world. Apps available for the app store and google play.

6. RunKeeper

RunKeeper is most useful as an app that uses GPS to track your fitness, though it is possible to join using the website only. Similar to DailyMile, it allows you to post your daily fitness activities and connect with other users.

Just like other social networks, it offers a “feed” where you can read what your friends have posted and comment on their fitness activities as well.

It's really as simple as that. There is also a premium upgrade that allows you to create advanced reports, compare workouts, get lifetime insights, and more.

7. Daily Burn

Daily burn is not a free website, but that's because it offers personalized fitness workouts from professionals and nutrition information and tracking that fits with your lifestyle.

If you don't have the money to spend on a personal trainer, you might want to check out daily burn. And if you're not sure if daily burn will work for you, they offer a 30-day free trial.

Probably the biggest benefit to daily burn is that you can literally take it anywhere, on your phone, laptop, or computer, your workouts, and tracking tools go with you wherever you go, including on vacation.

8. Endomondo

Another GPS fitness tracker with social network features. The website is very sleek and easy to navigate, and of course, there are apps available to track your miles and more.

Like DailyMile, there are challenges you can join and ways to connect with people that enjoy the same kind of workout as you.

9. Oobafit

Oobafit offers both nutrition and fitness plans and tracking, as well as both paid and free membership features.

What you can find on Oobafit:

  • Social training “games”
  • Full nutrition plans
  • Fitness workout plans
  • Free recipes

You can also get a free health check when you sign up and there are apps available.

10. VirtuaGym

Another social nutrition and fitness tracking website with a full set of features and social networking opportunities. VirtuaGym has a clean and streamlined website that is easy to navigate, making connections and fitness tracking a breeze.

You can set personal goals, personalize a nutrition plan, and connect with users across the world. Apps are available to connect to your account and make tracking your progress that much easier.


Want something a little more portable than your smartphone for tracking fitness, nutrition, sleep, and other healthy lifestyle changes? Try this.

Vanessa Pruitt, PLMHP, MS

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