What Do I Need to Start Homeschooling? Resources

So far we have covered the legal aspects of homeschooling, as well as the right attitude you need going in.

Now it's time to get down to the nitty gritty!  What physical resources will you need to start homeschooling?

My list is going to disappoint you.

When I started homeschooling my oldest we were very frugal.  I couldn't afford the big fancy workbooks or programs.  But we had some of the best resources available to us.


A Library Card

 You can read about flying
‘Round the world in a balloon
Or find books about people
Who landed on the moon
There are stories about things like kings
Who dance with their fiddlers three
Or you can read about kids
Just like you and me

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Yes, in the library
You will find
Books of every shape and kind
In the library

The la la la library 

Do you remember that song from Sesame Street?  It was all about how you could learn literally anything simply by going to the library.

And it is still true today.

Today, libraries are resource monsters.  Many carry programs like Hooked on Phonics, educational videos, audio books, thematic ideas, and so much more.  You could get lost in the riches of the library!  And- it is all free!

It is feasible to utilize the library and nothing else for your homeschool.

I highly suggest getting a card and just exploring the vast assets of your local library.  Talk to the children's librarian- they will have a good idea of what you might find useful.

The Internet

Since you are reading this article, I will assume you have access to the internet in some form.

Now- there is a huge difference between using the internet and using the internet for homeschooling support.  There is just so much to see, explore, print, watch, and listen to that can enhance your studies.

Think of the internet as a bigger, more exciting library!  (I am really beating the library example into the ground aren't I?)

But it's true.  You can find a lot of awesome stuff online:

  • Instructional and scientific videos
  • Discussion groups
  • Articles about homeschooling (like this one)
  • Notebooking page, lapbooks, printables, games, etc.

Here is an easy tip for not getting too overwhelmed by the sheer amount of information on the “information superhighway”:  Only seek out topics that your kids ask about.

That should keep you busy for a while- and you can cover almost every subject (math, language, science, etc) in each topic.  So when your kids are interested in how yeast makes bread rise– search for answers!  Then make a lapbook or notebook about bread and baking.  That could lead to science experiments and all other kinds of cool stuff.


Supportive Friends

Really the only other physical item you will need is a group of supportive friends who will encourage you on your journey.

This is usually provided through a local homeschool group.  Finding like minded individuals is important for your journey- you don't want to be the lone boat floating upstream.

Even if you just have a couple friends who you can talk to about homeschooling you are much better off.  You can set up play-dates and possibly start trading off resources and expertise on certain subjects.

Really, these are about the only physical things you must have in order to start homeschooling.  You can even start without internet and a support group if you are so inclined, but these two additions will be immensely helpful.

Of course, there are thousands of other supplies and books you can add to my list, but are they absolutely necessary to start out with?  I don't think so.  If you have done your research and focus on learning as a lifetime pursuit- it is entirely possible to homeschool using just these three things.

Aadel Bussinger

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