What Expenses Should You Expect When Living Boat Life?

boat life expenses

Sailing is not for the rich and the retired. You can still sail around the world at a younger age. But before you set for sailing around the world or cruising your country, it is crucial to know how much it will cost. It is also essential to research how to cut down the expenses to fit within your budget.

You can make boat life a lifestyle because there are numerous things you can do yourself to lower the cost of living. For example, you can choose to feed on seafood more and reduce the cost of food or learn some boating to help with repairs. Here are some costs of living boat life.

Repair and Maintenance

Boat repair and maintenance are essential. If you lack the skills required to repair a boat, you will need to hire professional skills. However, suppose the boat condition is terrible and demands some parts be replaced; make sure you get the spare part from a reputable marine dealer like volvo penta to avoid messing with your vessel.

Repairing your boat will increase its lifespan. Ensure to fix each part of the boat when damaged rather than waiting to repair many damages at once. As a result, it will be less costly.

Purchasing a Boat

When purchasing a boat, it is vital to stick to your budget. Boat cost depends on the size, the condition, and the location of the sale. To ensure you don’t buy a boat that you can't maintain, consider getting a small, simple boat.

A boat requires maintenance and upgrading, and most of the time, a complicated and fancy boat is expensive to maintain. On the other hand, a simple ship is easy to maintain because you can do some repairs yourself without paying a professional. So take your time and learn boating. If you can do minor and major repairs, the cost of maintenance will reduce significantly.

Unexpected Storage Costs

Boating life is unpredictable, you can plan to sail for an extended time, but the truth is that you will need a yard for your boat storage at times. You may wish to go and do some repair, or tropical storms force you out.

Whatever the cause of leaving the sea for a while, it is vital to have storage costs budgeted. You may have to store your boat for some time, waiting for the storm to calm or doing boating.

Boat and Health Insurance

It is essential to have both boat and life insurance. The insurance fee is paid in advance depending on the age and condition of the ship, sailing ground, and level of experience. Consider insurance that covers you in all areas you plan to go to, or you can upgrade when you enter a new country.

On the other hand, health insurance has become crucial with the covid 19 pandemic. It is a mandatory requirement for sailors to have health insurance in most countries. You can opt for local insurance cover if international insurance is beyond your budget.


Boat life is affordable for everyone wishing to make it a lifestyle. With a reasonable budget, you can purchase an affordable boat that you can maintain. Therefore, you don’t need to wait until you are retired. Instead, you will have fun while young.