How to Feel Fit, Healthy and Fantastic This Summer

How to Feel Fit, Healthy and Fantastic This Summer

With summer approaching fast, you may be keen to get yourself feeling your best to fully enjoy the new season. Many people spend every year thinking they will get themselves looking great in time for the summer. But often, these attempts fail. 


Whether you hope to fit into a smaller swimsuit or want to feel confident when lounging by the pool, there are many great reasons to focus on your health and fitness before the summer arrives. If your good intentions rarely last, you are not alone. Research shows that the average person gives up on their healthy intentions after just seven weeks. So, if you hope to see results from your efforts to get fitter and healthier, consider them as lasting lifestyle changes rather than a diet or simply a health kick. Here are some of the changes that you can incorporate into your life to help you feel fit, healthy, and fantastic throughout the summer and beyond:


Find an Exercise That You Love

If you don’t enjoy exercise, the thought of getting in shape for summer can be a daunting prospect. Like many people, you may have signed up for gym memberships in the past and then felt guilty that you have never used them. Or, you may start each new year determined to get fit, invest in some exercise equipment, and never find the motivation to use it. If this sounds like you, there is no need to give up on your hopes of getting fitter. It could be just that you haven’t found the right form of exercise for you. Taking classes in a fitness community like TTown Fitness is an excellent way to find the motivation to keep training. With advice from professional trainers, you will soon be able to get the results you are hoping to achieve.

Drink More Water

Staying hydrated is crucial throughout the year. Without adequate hydration, your body cannot function at its best. If you regularly reach for soda to quench your thirst, this could be sabotaging your attempts to get healthy and feel great. As soda is carbonated, it can leave you feeling bloated, and the sugar it contains can make you want to indulge in sweet foods. Trying to slowly wean yourself off drinking soda and choosing water is a great way to improve your health and physique. Choosing water will help you to beat that bloated feeling caused by fizzy drinks and will also help you to stay fuller for longer. Many people mistake thirst for hunger, so staying hydrated with water could be just what you need.

Focus on the Positives

One final thing you can do to feel better before summer arrives is to focus on the positives in your life. Instead of giving attention to all the things you feel could be improved, why not start focusing on the positives every day? Maybe you walked to work rather than driving or chose a salad rather than a burger; all these changes make a difference.