Listen to Your Body

There are so many problems with our healthcare system and our healthcare regimen. Magazines call to us. Doctors periodically advise us. Aunt Gertrude is always telling us what we should do. The honest truth is that you need to learn to listen to your body.

The Intelligent Body

Last I checked, doctors don’t know it all. Experts don’t always hit the bullseyes. Family members can get health decisions wrong. Is anybody listening to their bodies anymore?

The body was designed to be intelligent. It tells us when we are lacking certain nutrients. It can tell you when to eat and when to drink. It tells you when it is not well. Your body can tell you more than any medical test can at times.

Have you ever just craved orange juice? Nothing else will satisfy you. More than likely you are needing vitamin C. Your body put a craving in you to get what it needed. Have you just craved red meat? You could be low on protein or iron. Crave ice cream? It could be a need for calcium. The key is to listen to your body.

The body tells you when you are sick. As you get older, you start paying more attention to your body and recognizing signs of problems. A woman can tell you a few days in advance that her menstrual cycle is about to start from headaches, backaches, abdominal pain, or even craving for chocolate. Each woman is different. Each one has a different signal. The body tells you.

A woman can tell when she is pregnant before the tests give a positive result. For some odd reason, I don’t test positive until I am around three months along. With my last child, the nurse told me it was just wishful thinking as the test came up negative again. The first ultrasound showed I was right in my dating. The doctor even said after two other pregnancies I knew my body better than a pregnancy test did.

Be Discerning

As you learn to listen to your body, you need to become discerning because a message from your body can get crossed. You could be misdiagnosing the message or the body could be confused. You need to be aware of everything.

Yes, you might crave ice cream. That food might not be the best option for you. Try other foods similar to it to get your calcium. If that doesn’t work, have a small bowl or cup of ice cream. Limit the amount. You might only need a couple of bites to extinguish the craving.

If you think your body is giving you mixed messages, seek professional help. There are auto-immune diseases that can really confuse the natural process of the body. If you have been paying attention to your body over the last few years, you’ll notice subtle changes and recognize a potential problem. Early recognition of this and early addressing of it can prevent major problems.

The body is a wonderful entity that is more intelligent than we give it credit for. Learn your body. Listen to your body. It can help direct you to a much more healthy existence.

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