Making a Baby Gift Registry

There's nothing like “shopping” for your baby and not actually having to pay any money; Making a baby gift registry can be a fun, and it allows others to buy what you and your baby will enjoy and use.

You may want to create a registry because you are having a baby shower; Even if you're not, people may still ask where you are registered during your pregnancy. When friends and family members ask, you'll already have a couple of registries set up for them to take a look at.

Places to Make a Baby Registry

The most popular places to make a baby registry are:

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  • Target
  • Walmart
  • Baby Depot
  • Babies R Us
  • Amazon

Don't limit yourself to just these. Lots of places let you create a baby registry, both local and online. Ask around at your favorite baby boutiques, “natural” baby stores, and other specialty baby shops.

How to Pick a Registry

You want to give people options when buying without overwhelming them with choices or coming off as greedy. In general, two or three baby registries is plenty; You can mix it up by creating one offline and one online place to shop. You should also have at least one “affordable” location on your list.

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Here are some things to consider when picking a registry.

Location: Is your local registry nearby? Does it have an option for people to shop online, or should you create an online registry as well?

Price: Are your choices expensive? You should include at least one affordable option.

Selection: Your registries should offer a range of product prices and types.

What to Put on Your Registry

It's best to put mostly practical items on your baby registry. Think about the things your baby will need in their first year of life.

Your baby will need:

  • a place to sleep
  • transportation
  • food
  • hygiene
  • temperature control
  • security
  • and lots of love

Remember these needs when adding to your list. Register for items such as clothes, bath and body items, basic toys, blankets and sheets, and other small ticket items.

Remind people that diapers and wipes are welcome by putting them on your registry as well. Don't forget to add bottle feeding or nursing supplies to the list.

Having a few bigger items on your registry is fine as long as you don't go overboard; A decently priced high-chair or other piece of baby furniture is okay. Don't put too many luxury items on your registry; If you are having a baby shower, you'll be getting enough handmade items and keepsakes.

Remember that you can go back and buy the rest of the things you need from your gift registry after your baby shower or at the end of your pregnancy.

Vanessa Pruitt, PLMHP, MS

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