What Nobody’s Telling You About Healthy Food

Is Eating “Healthy” Food Enough?

3 Women, 3 Stories of Food Sensitivities

When I first met Deborah, she was so frustrated because she was eating healthy food and only healthy food. But she felt sick every time she ate. It had gotten to the point where she dreaded eating because she knew she was going to feel miserable afterward. She was at wits end, she just didn't know what to do.

Sharon had high blood pressure, diabetes and her midsection was shaped like a barrel. For the most part, she was eating a healthy diet and was taking top quality whole food nutritional supplements that were customized to her specific needs. Yet, she just couldn't seem to lose weight and she needed so many supplements on top of her medications just to feel good.

Ellen was limping and waddling like a woman much older than her years. She had a little flaky patch of skin in the inside of her leg above her ankle that just would not clear up no matter what she did to treat it, internally or externally.

Her digestive system was so weak that for 30 years she needed digestive enzymes every time she ate or she was bloated and gaseous. She also was taking 15-20 different whole food nutritional supplements every day that were customized to her needs, but she had reached a plateau where her health just wasn’t getting any better.


Why “Healthy” Food Looks Different for Everyone

What do all three of these women have in common?

They were all eating healthy food that was unhealthy for them. Each one has food sensitivities and each one was eating so-called healthy foods to which they were sensitive or intolerant.

Success for Deborah

Deborah only had a short list of sensitive foods. In fact, I was quite surprised that her list was so short due to the severity of her symptoms. But her sensitive foods were foods she was eating every day – because she liked them and because they were supposed to be so healthy for her.

She was quite disappointed when she saw that her list of food sensitivities was so short. She had expected it to be quite long because of how badly she felt. However, within a week of eliminating all her intolerant foods, she was excited to report that she was feeling so much better. She could now eat, enjoy her food and feel good afterwards.


Sharon Lowered Her Blood Pressure

Sharon lost 10 pounds in the first month on her rotation diet after eliminating her intolerant foods. She had more definition in her midsection; her body was developing a more feminine shape.

After a couple months, she was complaining of being lightheaded and dizzy. I sent her to her medical doctor to have her blood pressure medication dose checked. The doctor reduced it by half and she was feeling great again. She also needed fewer nutritional supplements.


Ellen Improved Her Skin

Ellen had a really long list of sensitive foods, even though she had been eating very healthfully since the mid 1970’s. She was quite surprised to find that she was not only very intolerant to so many of her favorite foods, but she was also sensitive to the ingredients in most of her expensive, premium quality whole food supplements.

After Ellen stopped eating the foods and taking the supplements to which she was sensitive, she noticed that the little patch of flaky, scaly skin disappeared within a week or two.

A couple weeks after that, she experienced a burning sensation in her stomach. She thought perhaps she was detoxifying. But when the burning pain persisted, she decided to stop her digestive enzymes. It took about a week for the burning to completely subside. Her body had finally started making its own digestive enzymes. Now instead of needing to take digestive enzymes with every meal, every day, she may need to supplement with an occasional enzyme, once a month or so.

At about the month and a half mark, one day Ellen became aware that she was walking normally, for the first time in many years, no longer limping and waddling.


Each one of these women had food sensitivities which were causing health problems that would not go away. When they eliminated their sensitive foods and followed a rotation diet, their health problems started clearing up. They are still on their healing journeys which will continue until their bodies are fully rejuvenated.

2 thoughts on “What Nobody’s Telling You About Healthy Food

  1. What a very informative article Christine! We worry so much about trying to eat the right foods, that we don’t actually think that it could be a sensitivity situation! Thank you!

    1. You’re welcome, Pam!

      Food intolerance is not one of those things that even doctors look for often. Generally people find out about it when they’re searching for answers because they’ve been doing everything right and they still don’t feel good.

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