Parmesan Herb Pull-Apart Bread

I was looking for a pull-apart bread recipe on Pinterest.  I wanted to make it as an appetizer to take to a friend's house.  Every recipe I found either used processed, packaged bread or it wasn't really “pull-apart”.

So I decided to tweak my favorite bread recipe and make my own pull-apart version.

This is so basic that anyone can make it.  If you have never made yeast bread- this recipe is very forgiving.  Use a mixture of 2 parts white flour to 1 part whole wheat if you want to make fluffier bread.  For a more artisan style, use a higher percentage of whole wheat, or even rye or barley, flour.

After trying a couple of times, I had to cut back on the salt.  Sprinkling sea salt on the dough balls made it far too salty.  In fact, if you want to forgo the salt altogether and add it for taste at the end you can.



Aadel Bussinger

6 thoughts on “Parmesan Herb Pull-Apart Bread

  1. These look dangerously good! Question: if I want to do a half batch (only cook for 2) do I cut yeast amount in half as well? Still new to yeast, so not sure how that works….

    1. I will have to cut the measurements in half, as well. I love any recipe that can incorporate cheese and butter. The herb butter spread makes it more delicious.

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