Planning The Perfect Proposal They’ll Really Love

Planning The Perfect Proposal They'll Really Love

Planning a proposal takes time and a lot of effort! It’s not something you can really pull off on the fly, unless you truly know and understand your partner and know that’s what they’d want, so you’re going to have to do a bit of legwork here. But don’t worry – this post is here to help you out. 

Planning a proposal to be perfect, right down to the last detail, happens at least 2 to 3 months in advance. Make sure you’re keeping the points below in mind when you’re daydreaming about all the different ways you’d like to pop the question to your significant other. 

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Know What Kind of Jewelry They Love

So, the first thing to get right is the ring! When you’ve got the right ring (or no ring at all), you’re much more likely to make your partner’s dreams come true. Because you’ve listened, and you’ve done your research, and you’ve bought something they’ll love to wear on their finger for the rest of their life, and that’s the crux of a perfect proposal. 

So, it’s time to work out what kind of jewelry they love. Would they like diamond engagement rings? You can easily tell by investigating their jewelry box – if they have a lot of big, flashy pieces, or they quite like white gold pieces or other similarly translucent gems, they’ll be up for a diamond ring. 

Know What You Want to Say

You’re also going to need to plan your speech ahead of time if you’re not good at thinking on the spot at the moment, or there’s something really specific you want to say to them when you’re down on one knee. Write it all out if need be, rehearse out when you’re alone and have a few minutes to really memorize it. 

If you want things to be perfect, being able to reel off the entirety of how you feel to your partner is going to require a little bit of effort and forward planning. You can even find a little guide to this process right here – it might give you some ideas! 

Make Sure it’s All About Them

Of course, you’re both in this together. You’re both in the moment, expressing your love for one another, but you really want to make the proposal all about them. That way it’s special, and focused, and it’ll be a brilliant memory for you both for years to come. 

Even for you, you’ll remember the day you went all out for your partner as something special; you took them to their favorite spot, made them an incredibly romantic meal, or set up a big event with their friends and family, and you made sure they were treated like royalty! 

Planning a perfect proposal requires you to understand your partner, and to know what they want out of such a special moment like this. Make sure you’re proposal plans focus on your love, and have something special to them.