The Psychological Use of Herbs

Herbs are used to cook, clean, deodorize, and even heal. It is not a far stretch to believe that herbs can have some psychological benefits. Many people use herbs to help with emotional problems, psychological disorders, additions, and mood swings.

Read articles on psychological issues and the odds that you will find the phrase “chemical imbalance” in the wording is pretty high. Many mental and emotional conditions involve our bodies’ natural chemical makeup. There are times when these balances shift and can cause issues within ourselves and our families. The imbalances can occur naturally, PMS, or by something we do to our bodies, drug addictions. For centuries, herbs have been found to work with some conditions. Today, more and more are turning to non-prescription methods in an attempt to treat many psychological disorders.

Because we use herbs so often with aromatherapy and in our cooking, we tend to forget that herbs are nature’s chemicals. They have certain properties that can cause reactions within our bodies and when combined with other herbs and manufactured drugs. Herbs make excellent options to treat psychological disorders when used properly.

What kind of disorders can be addressed with herbs? There is the all common and hugely joked about premenstrual syndrome (PMS). Many have reported success with herbs such as valerian or motherwort. This leads us to menopause. Blue cohosh and chasteberry are just two herbs that have gotten a reputation of relieving menopausal symptoms.

PMS and menopause can bring out emotions such as depression, sadness, anxiety, and anger. Each of these can fall under psychological issues that can be addressed with herbs. St. John’s wort, lavender, and lemon balm are herbs that you should look into for these emotional stresses.

How about hyperactivity? Children and adults can exhibit hyperactivity which is affected by various external and internal factors. Red clover and chamomile are two herbs that get good reviews in calming people down.

Herbs have been around for thousands of years and have been used for a variety of physical and psychological conditions. Look into how herbs can help you in any of these areas. It is wise to never go turkey from any treatment that you currently are on. Discuss herbal treatments with your doctor, a pharmacist, or an herbalist. Never assume that all herbs are safe for all conditions. Remember that nature can produce products that are dangerous when not handled correctly.

Note: Always seek professional advice when dealing with physical or psychological conditions. Herbs are wonderful, but can be deadly when not used properly.

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