3 Reasons To Get Your Employment Contract Reviewed by a Lawyer

So, you got a job offer, received the employment contract, and you’re excited to accept your new position? Hold on. Before you rush to sign on the dotted line, you should approach things with a level head.  

An employment contract is the written agreement between an employee and an employer. It details the rights and obligations of both parties.

While signing employment contracts is integral to any career path, special care must be taken to ensure they comply with the law. That’s why contacting HKM Employment Attorneys and hiring a lawyer to look it over is a smart move.

Here are three reasons to get a lawyer to review your new employment contract before signing anything.

1. Are Your Benefits in the Contract?

When you get a lawyer to review your contract, you can ensure that all the terms you discussed beforehand with your potential employer are included.

For instance, if you discussed receiving stock options based on your performance, your lawyer can review what targets you need to hit in order to receive the benefit and ensure everything is laid out as you understood it.

Healthcare and medical benefits come at a considerable cost to employees and employers, so you should carefully review what’s laid out in the contract. Suppose you discussed your employer’s share of the cost or any additional health benefits. In that case, they should be mentioned in your agreement.

Your salary, bonuses, opportunities for professional development, equity, and any other compensation you discussed with your potential employer should also be detailed in the employment contract. A lawyer will help you make sure every promise that was made is in the agreement.

2. Does Your Title and Job Description Match Your Expectations?

When you went through the interview process, you probably discussed your position and the duties you would be expected to carry out if your application was successful.

While the employer may not have gone into specifics about the job and your role, the employment contract lays out your title and job description in writing. Having a lawyer review your role and duties will help you evaluate whether the job meets your expectations and whether you will be compensated fairly.

3. Are There Any Non-Compete Agreements?

Depending on your job title and industry, a non-compete clause may be added to your employment contract. Even if you are unfamiliar with non-compete agreements, you should review your employment contract to see whether they are included.

Having a lawyer check your employment contract and evaluate whether any non-compete agreements will be detrimental to you (or if they are even legal) will help you understand your obligations before you sign the contract.

Protect Your Best Interests

Because employers write employment agreements to protect their organization’s interests, you should also safeguard yours as an employee. A lawyer will review the legal elements of your employment contract and explain your duties and obligations in a way you can easily understand.

Suppose you end up signing an employment contract that does not meet your expectations. In that case, you run the risk of having to work in an unsatisfactory work environment or go through unpleasant processes at the end of your employment.