Apple picking fall bucket list for couples

Top 5 Alternatives to Halloween

Whether it be for religious, social, or health reasons, families of all kinds are choosing not to celebrate Halloween. But skipping out on Halloween doesn’t mean you have to skip out on fun. There are plenty of alternative ways to celebrate the season without participating in modern Halloween activities.

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Homemade Gifts From Your Kitchen

Some of the easiest gifts to make for the holidays come straight from your kitchen. ┬áSimple things that people don’t always think about, like jelly or homemade mustard, make elegant gifts presented in canning jars adorned with little tags and labels. Spice mixes are something that everyone uses but few people think to make themselves….

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13 Healthy Chocolate Recipes

Hello chocolate lovers! Just a guess, since you’re reading this post about delicious and healthy chocolate recipes. If you covet chocolate like I do, you may have been a little nervous when you decided to start eating healthy and “real” food. But guess what? There is nothing to worry about because chocolate is in abundance…

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