Great Organizational And Storage Tips For Your Nursery

Having a baby demands many resources that can pile up exponentially. Throughout a number of months, you will incur a massive amount of clothing, baby bedding, toys, baby blankets, bath, baby care and grooming items. The list goes on and on. Don’t let the closet turn into a hoarding frenzy. There are quite a few approaches to make the nursery appear roomy and neat. You will need to plan well and find creative ways to conserve space. Listed below are several storage space suggestions to get the most use out of your nursery.

The very first matter to do is determine what stays and what goes. If you are a pack rat like me, you tend to keep items that you don’t necessarily need at the moment, but can possibly use in the future. Don’t rationalize too much. You’ve got to let go of objects you don’t need! Reducing clutter is an absolute must in the home décor world. Try giving away or selling some items. You can make some extra money and someone else could put your things to good use. Take out your old baby checklist for nursery things and run an inventory on what you need. That may help you toss out what you don’t need.

Wall Space

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People typically view objects horizontally, at eye-level or below. Begin organizing vertically and take advantage of your lovely wall space. There are lots of stylish shelves, cabinets and cupboards that are great for storing small things. It is also beneficial to keep items out of reach from children. You will be childproofing your house for several years so take advantage of keeping items high above. Use baskets or storage bins for your shelves to hide the clutter. If you do have bins at a lower level, place labels or photos and teach your little youngster to put things away.


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Having a tall bookcase is a gem to have for your nursery. It can be a beautiful décor furniture piece to make the corner of the room look like a little library. I would suggest lots of baskets or bins to store just about anything. A good friend of mine turned her bookcase horizontally, added small, custom shelves and transformed her bookcase into a cubby area. It is a wonderful organizational piece of furniture that has plenty of space for storage and would work effectively in any room. Just make sure to use fasteners to prevent the bookcase from tipping over at any time.

Toys Chests

A toy chest is a wonderful storage space to have in your nursery. You can put linens like baby blankets, crib bedding, and so on. Most of the endless amount of toys will have a happy home in their toy chest, instead of scattered all over the ground. Another good spot to use is under the crib or bed. You can put a couple of storage containers below there and disguise it with the dust ruffle. Find furnishings which also include storage space, like a nightstand or children’s desk with drawers. You can get the most out of your money if your furniture can serve dual purposes.

Closet Space

Finally, lets take a good glimpse into your closet space. At minimum, you should already have a bar to hang the baby clothes. Take advantage of double hanging by adding an additional bar below the first one. Since that should only take up a few feet of vertical space, try adding more shelves. The higher up the better. You can stack several storage bins or also put a dresser in your closet. If you have a closet door, take advantage of that area by getting a closet door rack. You can use just about every inch of the closet, from top to bottom for storage space.

Your nursery doesn’t have to look like a clutter bomb exploded in it. Take advantage of your nursery space and get some organizational items, make some easy installations and be ready to make your nursery clutter-free. Take some measurements today and strategize how you would want to arrange your closet. You will be amazed on how much items you can actually store that will not look like an eye soar. Roll up your sleeves and get organized today!

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