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When you’re looking at your health, exercise can’t escape being a focus. Even when you’re looking at natural health, it’s part of it. But what is the truth about exercise? Is it as important as you’ve been told? What role does it play in your natural health?

The Importance of Exercise

Your health is dependent on exercise. It’s through your physical activity that muscle builds and your heart gathers strength. By keeping your body in good physical health, you’re giving it the ability to fight infections and meet the challenges that life gives you.

Exercise shouldn’t be ignored in your health, but not all exercise is healthy. This is very important to remember. Should you work out every day? No. Working out daily can actually harm your body. Should you be active every day? Yes. Take a walk. Go for a swim. Don’t just sit around.

There has been a vast increase in inactivity over the last two decades as more desk jobs are being created and more of our life being on the computer. We tend to find ourselves more on your rear end instead of on our feet.

The result of all this? An increase in obesity and many other health related issues. Our health deteriorates the more we push exercise out of our lives.

Natural Exercises

There are hundreds if not thousands of ways to exercise. Having a variety of exercises that you do in your physical health regimen is very important. There are the exercises that you do that require machinery and then there are the exercises that require nothing or something that can be found at home.

I like to call those that require nothing or very little the natural exercises. They don’t require gym equipment or a special section of your home to workout. It can be anywhere you are.

Talk a walk. All you need is a good pair of walking shoes. How much more natural can you than this? Walk around the neighborhood. Walk out in the country. Go for hikes and discover some of the park systems near you. Begin walking to work or to the grocery store. Walking can do a world of good.

Go for a swim. All you need is clothes, sometimes. Go to a local swimming pool (preferably with a suit) or find a lake nearby. Swimming really can give you a work out.

Take the stairs. Park at the far end of the parking lot. Don’t ask someone to get you a drink. Get up and get it yourself. There is so much that you can do that doesn’t cost you anything and can give you so much.

Personal Story

I never realized how much walking can do for you until my father had his heart attack when I was a senior in high school. The doctor told him that he was in seconds of dying when they managed to stop the chaotic heart. He was ordered to eat better and begin walking.

He began walking faithfully every day. He even got up to four miles a day. He loved it. Walks down the country roads with his dog was his favorite time of the day. He walked when he was on the road working. Nothing kept him in including rain.

Three years after the initial episode, the doctor reported that he had to have emergency by-pass surgery. The arteries were closing up again and a fatal heart attack was around the corner. On my 20th birthday, he went in again. The very next day after having his chest cut open, he was up walking around. By the third day he was out-walking the nurses’ aides. The doctors were amazed. They could only chalk it up to his three years of dedicated walking. His body was prepared to get its heart back into working condition.

He had no trouble the remaining years of his life from his heart. He never missed a day walking until cancer prevented him from doing it. His health was greatly influenced by getting those legs moving.


Look to getting more exercise and don’t forsake the “natural” exercises for the more gym-oriented types. Have fun with yourself and your family. Get to exercising and enjoy life more.


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