Creating a Healthy Work Environment

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Your health can be affected by any area of your life: family, environment, home, and even work. Believe it or not, your work area impacts your health to a large degree.

It doesn’t matter if you work at home or in an office or even on the road. Staying healthy means having a healthy work environment. What exactly does that mean?

The Work Environment

More and more people are finding a way to work at home. It’s great because you can be more flexible with your time, don’t have to have “work” clothes, and can get house work done while working on all those reports. But what is the space you work in like?

For many, it can be the kitchen table or where ever they end up. But there has to be a place where you can escape and relax while you work. Being at home, you can take your office out on the porch and enjoy the birds and the sunshine while you work. You can also have a room devoted to work.

Going to work outside the home means that you have a cubicle, desk, or office. If you’re working on the road, your office is where ever you are.

What am I getting to? An evaluation of the work space.

Stressful Environment

No matter where you work, there can be a lot stress around you when you work. It can come in the form of noise, clutter, and even smell.

Too much noise can increase the level of stress. Concentration levels fall. Blood pressure rises. Honestly, think of the time when there is too much noise around you.

Too much clutter can really affect the stress in your work life. Anytime you clean up your workspace, don’t you feel better as you see everything neat and orderly?

Smells can cause you stress. If the trash hasn’t been taken out or someone has popped popcorn, your mind drifts and you struggle to stay on track.

Stress in the environment can cause stress on your body. The result? Your immune system allows viruses to penetrate and headaches become more prevalent. Your overall health is directly affected by your work environment.

Creating a Peaceful Work Place

It’s important that you create a peaceful work environment. You can’t do everything you want depending on where you work, but here are a few ideas that can help you.

Relaxing Music – Try playing some relaxing music as you work. For some it can be nature sounds while for others it can be classical music. You just don’t want something that will make you fall asleep. If you work in an office with other people, see if you can wear headphones so that you’re not disturbing other people.

Light a Candle – If you’re allowed to light a candle with a relaxing fragrance, do it. This might not be possible in a corporate office, but you can do it at home or even on the road. Scents are known for their affect on people. Pick one that keeps you energized mentally while keeping you calm and relaxed.

Potpourri – If you can’t light a candle, see if a mild potpourri will work. You don’t want one too strong as you want to be polite to your coworkers.

Neat and Clean – Keep your work area nice and neat. Have shelves, baskets, and other organizing tools to help you keep your work area clean. With things in the right place, you’ll find that you’re more efficient and enjoy working more.

Fish – Add a fish tank. Fish are very relaxing. Even a small beta in the office can be great to help make your work space calming.

Make your work environment healthier by relieving as much stress as you can. Take away the noise that grates at your nerves. Removing annoying smells. Eliminate all clutter. Make your work space a place you enjoy being and you’ll see how much better your work becomes.

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