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    I grew up in the era of  low sodium diets. From a very young age, I can remember salt being blamed for a plethora of illnesses and conditions, including hypertension, stroke, and kidney disease. Even today, the Institute of Medicine is pushing government to place higher standards for sodium content in packaged foods. The American ...
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    I love chewy granola and cereal bars, but the commercial brands are loaded with sugar and not-so-wholesome ingredients. I've tried many different recipes for homemade granola bars, but nothing has met my standards until this. I adapted this recipe from a Betty Crocker cookbook that my mother gave me for Christmas. The original recipe used ...
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    Writing poetry is like painting with words.  You can have all the tools for painting- brush, paints, canvas- and never really create anything from the heart.  You can write poetry as an assignment, but unless it comes from the inner self it is just words on paper. That isn't to say that poems written within ...
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    While dairy free, I had been making waffles with almond milk or other milk substitutes; Almond milk makes especially good waffles. However, one day I was very low on milk substitutes and wanting to make a large batch of waffles (a favorite in our house). Meanwhile, I had an abundance of strawberry kombucha so I ...
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